Shortland Street's classic cliff-hanger

Is it you or is it me? Or Zac or Josh or Murray or that kid Rachel and Chris have adopted? Who is the dude (we all assume it's a guy - maybe it was Sarah...) that attacked Roimata?

I would say "all will be revealed on Friday", but everyone knows Shortland Street never makes things that easy.

After 20 years of edge-of-your-seat stuff, the question marks that hang over the annual Shorty cliff-hanger are now as traditional as rain on Christmas Day.

Whether it's a truck crash, an explosion, evil villains pushing their luck or longing lovers finally reunited, the year's final episode is always a highlight for fans of the soap. 

There have been some great ones, and hopefully this Friday's is just as gripping.

Remember when Carmen got hit on the head, then she was fine, then she really wasn't? What about Donna and Rangi's romance thwarted by news they were brother and sister, only for the following years cliff-hanger to reveal that, no they aren't.

There was the battle of pure evil between Oscar and MacKenzie, and then Delphie running off with creepy Dominic. Oh and Guy almost killing Toni and little Harry Warner. Ah the memories.

But the best, surely, has to be the revelation that lovely nurse Joey was behind the Ferndale Stranger mask. How could he do it and would Alice survive? (He was just a bit off in the head, and yes, yes she did).

In its 20 years as New Zealand's Favourite Soap, Shorty has made an art out of this let's-make-sure-they-tune-in-next-year 30 minutes.

This year we have the (hopeful) conclusion of Roimata's sexual assault, the (hopeful) wedding of Luke and Bella, and (bloody hopefully) an end to whatever dodgy games Zac is playing.

How many nails will be bitten to stubs this Friday night?

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