One Direction made my year

01:28, Dec 17 2012

And so we find ourselves at that point again. Another year over; another "best of" ramble in front of you. Except we're going to save the proper countdown for a little later, so this is more a "These Things Really Made Me Smile This Year" list.

See, it's a completely different thing...

So what did make me smile a little more than usual in 2012?  Well, basically it came down to One thing. A change in Direction, that let me embrace the pop music fan inside. Was that subtle enough?  Did you get it?

Yes, One Direction made my year. But I've only just been able to accept - or recognise - just how crazy those few days were.

The sound of hundreds of screaming teenage girls is unlike anything you'll have heard before. Unless you are a member of New Kids on the Block, of course. They cry, they swoon, they go pink in the face because they're yelling so much. They manage to avoid school, their parents and goodness knows why there weren't any truancy officers working their way through the crowds (do they still exist?).

They also have an uncanny habit of bursting into song at the drop of a hat, but I blame Glee for that.

This year though, it wasn't just Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam who caused this kind of madness; 2012 was definitely the year of the Kiwi teenager meltdown.

Here's the list of proven causes: 1D (obviously), Justine Bieber, Reece Mastin (about 10 times), Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. Plus there were the rumoured sightings of Ryan Gosling (AKA the grown-up's screaming fodder).  

It's amazing Auckland's teenage girls still have voices left to ask Santa for something special this year.

But I shan't judge them - the madness was intoxicating at the time. And meeting those five teenage lads from 1D was a pretty cool thing to cross off the year's To Do list.  

The real highlight for me, however, came much later in the year in the form of five boys probably twice the collective age of One Direction. Remember when Radiohead were here?! I won't go on about it, except to say grown men cried, grown women cried, and Thom Yorke danced like a rubber fish man.  

The last highlight of my year was found on another kind of stage. It was such a pleasure to watch as Silo Theatre really hit its stride and came into its own this year. The programme this year, from The Tribe to Brel was captivating and thought-provoking, and made this theatre-lover love theatre even more. Their 2013 line-up looks just as interesting, too.

So that was the year that was, what about the year that will be? Now I'm no fortune teller, but my picks are:

- The collection of Big Day Out sideshows hitting town, even though we don't get a BDO (think Band of Horses, Alabama Shakes, Crystal Castles etc). Basically, good nights out, without the heatstroke or annoying guys thrashing their dreads in you face.

- There are a couple of other gigs I am counting down to. Shirley Manson and Garbage will be a real treat, and I may weep a little when Glen Hansard and The Frames hit town for the Auckland Arts Festival.

- And of course, as a tribute to 2012, let's all get our homemade signs ready for those One Direction boys, who are coming back in October. I've got my earplugs, do you?


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