2013: Year of the comeback

22:45, Jan 13 2013

Happy 2013 and all that other nice stuff, Auckland. Hope you all slip, slop, slapped and wrapped over the Christmas break and got spoilt by the big man in red.

He was very kind to me I have to say, but some of the best gifts were saved for last week (and dragging Christmas out for as long as possible is always a good thing).

It seems 2013 is set to be the year of the comeback. And leading the way are two very different - but both brilliant, in my humble opinion - musicians: David Bowie and Justin Timberlake.

That's right The Thin White Duke and JT have both announced new music is in the works - hurrah!

All this is very good news, and I await the results with baited breath.

But what's happening closer to home? Who will - and who should - grace us with their presence once more?

After dalliances in the theatre (Brel) and with his "other" group The Adults, Jon Toogood and Shihad are locked and loaded for a new album, this time set to be recorded in Egypt and Spain.

Also planning on releasing something new are those lovely Phoenix Foundation lads. It's been too long!

And on the small screen, there are a handful of familiar faces beaming back into our lives.

The Outrageous Fortune gang are back on the scene (although not all together) in a handful of new shows including Antonia Prebble (Loretta) and Siobhan Marshall (Pascalle) in The Blue Rose, and Tammy Davis (Munter) in Sunny Skies on TV3.

Meanwhile, the show's matriarch Robyn Malcom heads up Agent Anna on TV One.

Other familiar faces returning to local screens for the first time in a long time include legendary dinosaur hunter and master wine maker Sam Neill, staring alongside Oscar Knightley in Harry, a new local cop drama, plus everyone's favourite Face The Music host, Simon Barnett is bringing Mitre 10 Dream Home back to life.

It's a shame his old mate Jason Gunn is nowhere to be seen, or Face The Music itself for that matter - surely we need some more local game shows? Sale of the Century, anyone?


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