Art gives summer culture

19:13, Feb 03 2013

Summer does funny stuff to, well pretty much everything. People think cooking should only be done on a BBQ; that it's perfectly acceptable to survive on only beer, chips and dip (when the BBQ isn't cranking); jandals are appropriate footwear for all occasions and sand is ok, no matter which tiny crevasse it finds itself in.

Summer does something funny to art as well. Without the all-too familiar Auckland grey skies looming over us, we want to be outside. But it doesn't mean we want to be less interested or "cultured". Maybe that's why, then, this summer has seen a couple of outdoors-y, art installations pop up around town.

Close to home, you've got Summer of Sculpture at Silo Park. Some move, some make you think, some surprise you, but all of these installations add an extra layer to Wynyard Quarter that is something special (not that we need another excuse to head down that way). Nestled amongst concrete silos, the industrial gantry or the green public spaces, once again Wynyard Quarter is being used for more than just a bunch of cafes and bars. 

Or maybe you want to experience that thing that helped Waiheke Island get a spot on the New York Times list of the "Top 46 Places To Go in 2013". Headland Sculpture on the Gulf is part art exhibition, part coastal walk. Over a 2.5km stroll, art lovers can see the work of 30 artists dotted around the coast, take in the sites of Waiheke's coast and enjoy a drink, nibble on something tasty and watch some live music. 

Whether it's around the corner, or as part of a day trip, it's nice to think Aucklanders don't have to think traditionally about where they get their art-fix. 

Of course we have incredible art galleries, some of which have really interesting stuff going on at the moment, but suggesting a trip to the water or on a boat sure sounds like a fun way to spend a day. 

And it while the kids are back at school now, there are still those weekends to contend with, where being cooped up inside seems like a crime. Perhaps a little day out, getting out of the house and learning to enjoy and appreciate art (without staring at a painting) is a good option to plant those seeds inside a little future art lovers mind.


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