Cheapies Chicken

03:47, Sep 08 2010
Cheapies Chicken
Cheapies Chicken

The two Cheapies Chicken stores in Otahuhu and Chapel Heights don’t just provide chicken at the most competitive prices, they supply a fine selection of all your favourite meats at reasonable prices.

The staff at the two stores know that times are hard for many local families at the moment and they strive to keep their prices at the lowest levels possible for their customers.

Whole lambs, mutton and pigs are available at the most competitive prices around, and even whole cows can also be ordered, see in-store for details.  

Mince, sausages, brisket and beef bones are also available, as is a full range of chicken products, providing something for everyone. There are whole birds, breasts, legs, thighs, drums, pieces, wings, and nibbles. Currently on special in both stores are 4kg of chicken thighs at just $16.99.

And there are many other items at great prices. There are yams,  taro, cassava, and currently ham rolls are just $5.

And unknown to many is the fact that Cheapies Chicken also stock a range of dry foods at discounted prices, including mayonnaise, yoghurt, eggs, biscuits and cookies, sauces, fruit juices, chocolate and potato chips. There really is something for everyone at Cheapies Chicken.

And to reward their loyal customers the two stores are running a $100 value pack draw every Monday. Customers simply need to enter their details each time they shop at either of the stores to enter the weekly draw, with unlimited entries per week, meaning that if a person shops five times in one week they are allowed five entries into the following weeks’ draw, giving them a great chance of winning $100 worth of produce. 

The stores are located at 309 Great South Rd, Otahuhu, phone 276 6526, and 112 Dawson Rd, Chapel Heights, phone 273 6243.