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Dogs can benefit from hydrotherapy as much as people do - it enables more rapid healing from surgery with minimal risk of re-injury, and minimises muscle wastage.

For dogs that have had orthopaedic surgery, hydrotherapy speeds their recovery and helps them to return to full mobility.

It also benefits dogs that suffer from arthritis, as it lets them exercise their muscles while taking pressure off their joints.

When older dogs start to slow down, their muscles start to waste away through reduced movement. This causes more pressure to be placed on the joints to support them. Keeping their muscles strong provides more support for the joints and reduces the pain associated with movement.

Water Woofs specialises in canine hydrotherapy for dogs of all breeds and ages. Featuring a large heated pool and underwater treadmill, this Henderson canine clinic has been enthusiastically welcomed by dog owners throughout Auckland.

A lot of dogs love the water, and some owners bring their dogs to Water Woofs just so they can enjoy playing in the pool which is heated to 29 degrees. It's great exercise for them in a safe environment - and it's also very beneficial for those dogs that could lose a couple of pounds.

The underwater treadmill provides a controlled environment for exercise and enables specific muscles to be targeted for rehabilitation, as well as an increased range of motion for injured joints.

Pool sessions can be booked in half hour blocks for one or two dogs, with a small extra charge for more than two. After a session, dog washing and drying facilities are available for owners to use.

Water Woofs stocks the award winning Orijen grain free dog food and Ruffwear accessories for your dog.

Sessions are available by appointment at 32B The Concourse, Henderson - appointments are available on weekends as well as Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, with late nights on Monday and Wednesday to 8pm (closed Tuesday and Friday).

Phone 838 2694 or visit www.waterwoofs.co.nz for appointments and further information.

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