Faces of Auckland

A move to safety

Baba Dole

Sri Lankan Baba Dole moved his family to Auckland because of ongoing civil war in his homeland.

A home away from home

Mark Fisher

It was the historical ties between Northern Ireland and New Zealand that led Mark Fisher to Auckland.

Enticed by education

Renee kim

Certain the Korean education system was failing her son, Renee Kim made the brave decision to call NZ home.

Goodbye to communist rule

Goran Katich

When Goran Katich moved from Yugoslavia to West Auckland in 1984 he was in search of a better life.

Shame about the weather

Crofton Lulu

Solomon Islander Crofton Lulu loves Auckland life, but there's one thing he's still getting used to. The weather.

South Pacific journey for love

Shoma Prasad

Love for a childhood sweetheart brought Fijian native Shoma Prasad to Auckland.

Hooked on Kiwi way of life

Carlos, Gabriella and Victoria Cabrera

Auckland is now home sweet home for the Cabrera family, who hail from Colombia.

'Disinherited and defrocked'

Ataur Rahman

Ataur Rahman's parents didn't speak to him for seven years when he told them he was marrying a Kiwi.

A lasting love of NZ

Janhild Olsen

Janhild Olsen's romance died, but her love for NZ remains.

War bride loves kiwi life

Yolanda Elliott

90-year-old Yolanda Elliott was one of the few Italian war brides who arrived in New Zealand in 1946.

Refugee keen to help others

Sadiki Ruhamya

Sadiki Ruhamya wants to become a social worker to help empower refugees and give them a smooth transition into life in New Zealand.

Life in NZ 'so far, so good'

Thomas Shum: From Hong Kong

Thomas Shum left densely populated and polluted Hong Kong for a new life in Auckland.

Migrant leaves fear behind

Mary-anne Stuart-William

Mary-anne Stuart-William feels she left a jail cell behind in South Africa to start a new life in Auckland.

Faces of Auckland: Refugee a 'gift'

Thuten Kesang

Thuten Kesang was New Zealand's first Tibetan refugee, arriving in Auckland in 1967.

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