Faces of Auckland: Shame about the weather

Last updated 07:08 22/07/2014
Crofton Lulu
BETTER LIFE: Crofton Lulu left the Solomon Islands 13 years ago during a time of ethnic tension and came to Auckland, where he warmed immediately to the multicultural society.

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Auckland is one of the most multicultural cities in the world with more than a third of its citizens born overseas and boasting more than 200 nationalities living here.

Faces of Auckland is a series talking to those who have left all corners of the world to make their home here, reminding us why Auckland is so good.


It was the beginning of the 21st century and civil unrest gripped the Solomon Islands.

Crofton Lulu was working as a survey draftsman for the government at the time and decided the ongoing conflict was a sign for him to leave.

His girlfriend's family already had plans to move abroad so in 2001, Lulu and his partner followed suit and left their home for New Zealand.

The 45-year-old already had a taste of living overseas from four years of study in Melbourne but coming to Auckland was quite a different experience, he said.

''It's not too different from the Solomon Islands. I felt like I could fit in.''

He brushed up on his English, retrained as a land surveyor at Unitec while doing casual hours in a factory and now works for a large engineering consultancy.

The multicultural melting pot of Auckland society and having everything at his finger tips are some of the things Lulu loves about living here.

''Everything in Auckland is in your grasp if you want it. Any type of food, any type of technology,'' he said.

But there's still one thing he's coming to terms with.

''It's the weather that's the only thing. It's always 24, 25, 30 degrees celsius and 100 per cent humidity in the Solomon Islands. 

''But I'm getting used to it.''


Is New Zealand tolerant of different cultures and are you able to express your cultural identity fully here?

New Zealand is a multicultural country and very tolerant to other cultures, therefore it makes it easy for me to settle in and express our cultures freely here in New Zealand, especially in Auckland. 

Have you ever travelled in New Zealand outside of Auckland and where to

I have had the opportunity to travel all over the North Island and even to Christchurch for work.

What is best about being an Aucklander?

Being part of a diverse multicultural community.  

If I was Auckland mayor I would...

Improve public transport by building infrastructure that interlinks all the different forms of transport and making these accessible to all.

Do you watch rugby and do you support the All Blacks?

Yes, what Kiwi doesn't!

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