A bit of a chilly week

Auckland has been colder during the past week than it was when it snowed in the city three years ago but it is unlikely flurries will cover the city again this year.

MetService communications meteorologist John Law said it was unlikely it would snow again this year but he was not ruling it out, with last week's night-time temperatures dropping below those of August 15, 2011, when snow settled on Mt Eden.

While temperatures dipped as low as 1.6 degrees Celsius on Wednesday night the conditions were not quite right for snowflakes to settle, Law said, adding that it only snowed in Auckland once every 50 years or so.

Meanwhile, weatherwatch.co.nz said it expected last week would turn out to be the coldest week of the year though a nationwide polar blast was possible in August and September.

Temperatures around the country should creep up this week, with sunnier, warmer weather in the east and cloudier, wetter weather in the west.

At this stage August might kick off quite windy and wet, with the westerly flow continuing into the first week of August, according to weatherwatch.co.nz.   

Niwa meteorologist Chris Brandolino said he was not expecting much snow in the North Island for the rest of winter apart from on peaks and elevated areas.

Even skifields were unlikely to get a good dumping of snow, with temperatures across the country for the rest of the winter predicted to be warmer-than-average, Brandolino said.

This June was the warmest June on record and the sudden change to normal winter temperatures had skewed Aucklanders' perceptions of how cold it really was.