Suburban Newspapers tops with more readers

21:03, Mar 16 2009

Your local paper is reaching more people than ever.

Readership numbers for Suburban Newspapers Auckland, publishers of the Manukau Courier, show the papers rule in Manukau, Waitakere, North Shore and Auckland.

Nielsen Readership Survey results highlight the dominance of the group’s papers in the market.

Suburban Newspapers’ titles have a massive 67.3 percent more readers than the Herald.

With 671,000 readers in Auckland aged 15-plus, your newspaper and its sister publications have 270,000 more readers than the Herald.

Editor-in-chief David Kemeys is delighted the papers continue to extend their lead over the Herald.


"The Herald reaches only a fraction of the market we do and that’s down to telling stories that actually matter to people.

"Almost every ‘metro’ story in the Herald has already been in our papers – but we tell you for free."

Suburbans general manager David Penny says in the current economic climate it is more important than ever for advertisers to ensure they are getting full value for money and maximum reach and response.

"Once again we are the most effective media in the market, delivering the best readership, reach and results."