Kidnapped girl forced into sex video

An Auckland school girl was kidnapped, forced to perform in a sex video and then blackmailed by two men, the High Court in Auckland has heard.

A 22-year-old man, who has name suppression, is charged with kidnapping, sexual violation and blackmail.

A second man, Wei Feng, 20, is charged with kidnapping and blackmail.

The men allegedly detained the 15-year-old girl on September 10, 2008, when the older man sexually assaulted her.

Both men are accused of threatening to post a sex video of her on the internet unless she helped them commit fraud, the jury heard yesterday.

Opening the case for the Crown, prosecutor Anna Longdill said the teenager was lured to a house by Feng on the premise of having lunch with him.

Once at the Auckland address, the girl made several attempts to leave and became distraught and tearful, Longdill said.

Feng left the house at one point, leaving her locked in the home.

The remaining man threatened to rape her unless she either stripped naked and was photographed or performed oral sex on him.

''She was very frightened and wanted to go out of the house, so with no real choice ... she agreed to perform oral sex,'' she said.

The Crown alleges the man recorded the sexual act on his cellphone.

Police have not been able to recover the recording.

Longdill said in the following months the men continuously texted her, demanding she assist in applying for fraudulent bank cards.

The older man, accused of sexual assault, allegedly threatened to post the sex video online in several text messages.

The girl made a formal complaint to police about two months after the sexual assault.

Both men have pleaded not guilty to all five charges.

The trial is expected end at the end of this week.

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