More flights hit by measles

00:37, Sep 23 2011

Passengers on two flights between Auckland and Wellington are being asked to check their immunisation status "immediately" after a fellow traveller was discovered to have measles.

The highly infectious disease, which causes a runny or blocked nose, cough, sore red eyes and white spots inside the mouth, can be deadly and the only protection against it is immunisation.

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) says passengers in doubt about their immunisation status should call their doctor.

As of this morning 167 patients have been infected in the latest outbreak of measles which is now in its fourth month.

Twenty-four of those cases have required hospitalisation and a further 27 people are now in quarantine after coming into contact with a measles patient.

The flights were Air New Zealand flight NZ419 from Auckland to Wellington on September 9 and Air NZ NZ428 from Wellington to Auckland on September 17 at 2.30pm.


The Auckland Regional Public Health Service has previously advised of other flights which carried passengers who were later confirmed as having measles.


Jetstar JQ263, Auckland to Wellington, Monday September 12, 6.40am

Air New Zealand NZ464, Wellington to Auckland, Monday September 12, 5.30pm

Jeststar JQ265, Auckland to Wellington, Tuesday September 13, 10.30am

Air New Zealand NZ446, Wellington to Auckland, Thursday September 15, 3pm

Jetstar JQ244, Christchurch to Auckland, Sunday, September 18, 7.10am

For further information see the ARPHS website or phone Healthline on 0800 611 116.

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