Measles outbreak hits 179

00:58, Sep 27 2011

Health authorities are urging people unwell with measle symptoms to stay away from work, school and public places as those catching the disease continues to rise.

A measles outbreak has been infecting Aucklanders since May and 11 new cases of the disease have been confirmed since the weekend.

About 179 people have now caught measles since the outbreak began - 26 of those had to be hospitalised.

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service says people who are unwell with the highly contagious disease should avoid public places and doctor waiting rooms where they may infect others.

If they are exhibiting measle symptoms, which include fever, runny nose, cough, sore red eyes and white spots inside the mouth, they should phone their doctor or Healthline for advice.

The disease can lead to other health complications including ear infection, pneumonia and brain damage, and ARPHS says the only form of protection is immunisation.

For further information see the ARPHS website or phone Healthline 0800 611 116.


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