Sex offender now back in Tonga

DEPORTED: Child sex offender Paea Aniseto.
DEPORTED: Child sex offender Paea Aniseto.

A convicted sex offender is back in Tonga after four years evading authorities in Auckland.

Paea Ivaiola Aniseto entered New Zealand illegally in 2007, allegedly on a relative's passport.

He had been deported in 2003 after serving two years in prison for sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl in Onehunga.

This week police revealed the 43-year-old man had been captured and returned home.

Police had  "serious concerns about the safety of children" around Aniseto before he was caught and his picture issued to the media.

Detective Senior Sergeant Fa'a Vaaelua said in July that it was "very important" Aniseto, who also used the name Soane Maka, was caught. 

Earlier this year, Immigration New Zealand admitted it had known Aniseto was in the country for three and a half years before police were alerted.

Head of Immigration New Zealand Nick Bickle said its systems had been strengthened to make sure the mistake didn't happen again.

"We acknowledge we should have advised police of these allegations when we became aware of them.

"Our processes for reporting such matters to police have been strengthened to ensure there is no recurrence of a case like this," he said.

Immigration had been alerted to Aniseto in March 2007 and again in January 2009 but failed to locate him.

They had been working with police since October 2010 to locate Aniseto.

Identity fraud is the most common type of immigration offence.

Bickle says a biometric programme is currently being developed to "enable greater detection of people attempting identity fraud".

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