Teen queen of New Zealand

20:04, Apr 02 2012
Aleisha Robertson
TEEN QUEENS: Miss Teen NZ winner Aleisha Robertson, centre, with Tyler Handcock, who came second place, and third place-getter Chelsea Bamber.

The winner of Miss Teen New Zealand has to give up half of a school trip to China and Vietnam to compete against the world, but she couldn't be happier.

Remuera schoolgirl Aleisha Robertson beat 16 other teenagers from across New Zealand to take the title on Saturday.

The teen will represent New Zealand in Houston, Texas, at the Miss Teen World competition in June - the same time as a history trip to Asia.

Aleisha Robertson
TEEN QUEENS: Miss Teen NZ winner Aleisha Robertson, right, with Tyler Handcock, who came second, and Chelsea Bamber, third.

"I don't mind missing out though," she says.

Robertson, a Year 12 student at Diocesan School for Girls, competed in the New Zealand event last year, but failed to place.  However, she enjoyed it so much she wanted to try her luck again this year.

"I thought I'd give it another try. And it was worth it."


After a day spent being interviewed by judges, modelling a national costume and being photographed in swimwear, Saturday's live component involved contestants dancing, making speeches and parading in evening wear.

Robertson says she was surprised to take the title after a challenging day.

"Because there were only a few people doing hair and make-up, I didn't have my hair done for the first part of the show.

"Then when they called my name I was so shocked.  

"When third and second were called, I thought one of the other girls must have got it, but then they called 'Aleisha' and I thought 'all right'.  I just didn't really believe it at first."

A New Zealander has never won Miss Teen World so Robertson hopes to be the first.  The hunt is now on for sponsors to help with a unique evening gown and New Zealand-made swimsuit for the week-long contest.

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