Proposal takes flight

04:45, May 09 2012
Scott Rodgers Kate Goodwin
HIGH HOPES: Scott Rodgers asked Kate Goodwin to marry him while flying over their house.

A loved-up West Aucklander who took to the skies to propose to his girlfriend has shared the romantic scene online.

Titirangi resident Scott Rodgers popped the question to his girlfriend of two years, Kate Goodwin, last Sunday.

The real estate agent painted the words "Will you marry me Kate?" on the roof of the couple's two-storey house and chartered a plane so his soon-to-be-wife would see the message.

Shane Rodgers Kate Goodwin
BIG QUESTION: Scott Rodgers painted a proposal on the roof of his Titirangi home.

"We've been together for a couple of years and my fiancée's parents live in Switzerland but they're coming down in February next year, so I thought it was a good time to take the leap," said Rodgers.

The 38-year-old, who has a son, Odin, had thought about proposing for about a month and took two weeks to come up with his plan.

"In the lead-up I was looking at the sky and it was going black so I was worried about the rain and that I would slip off the roof," said Rodgers.


When the day finally rolled around an unsuspecting Goodwin was told they were going to a barn dance.

"Because we had to go to a hangar I thought that would be believable, and it was," he said.

Goodwin brought the ruse and when they rounded the front of the hangar where the plane was parked, she thought Rodger had bought "one of those one day deals" as a surprise.

Once in the air, the couple were flown from Dairy Flat over Albany and the city centre before looping around Titirangi.

"When we got to our street, we were looking down and I said 'Look, some little shit has painted on our roof' and when she looked down she just burst into tears. She was in complete shock. Thank God she said yes."

The plane had to fly over the house six times so Rodgers could get a good photograph of the proposal message.

As Goodwin's family live overseas and Rodgers' mother lives in New Plymouth, the pair created a montage of the proposal and uploaded the video to YouTube.

"We were Skyping our family and sent them a link. It was quite funny because they didn't know [about the proposal] and we could see their reaction first hand - my mum just burst into tears," said Rodgers.

The couple are planning a "big" wedding in February next year and estimate around 50 people will be flying over from Europe.

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