Aucklanders' success at Aussie expo

It has been a successful weekend for a number of lucky Aucklanders who have been picked up by Australian employers at the Oz Jobs Expo.

The biannual event offers New Zealanders the chance to network with Australian employers.

More than 5000 visitors attended the weekend event this year which was held at the Sky City Convention Centre.

Among the high-paying companies represented were mining companies BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto as well as the Commonwealth Bank and Goodstart Early Learning.

There were also representatives from the Canberra and Northern Territory governments.

Expo spokesman Jason Clayton said there was a large number of CVs and registration forms handed in by Kiwis ready to skip the ditch.

"We've had an awful lot of full CVs - far more than ever before,'' he said. "Now we have to categorise them into disciplines."

Clayton said a number of people were picked up by employers on the day.

"There are some very spectacular people that have applied but I can't really go talking about that because it is few and far between."

However, Clayton said Toll People gave two jobs away on the spot and Just Automotive Recruitment gave away three.

Warringal Care has extended their stay to conduct further interviews.

In the next few years, Australia's Northern Territory intends to recruit around 20,000 people, with top jobs paying from $128,000 to $250,000.

"As these people move into the area, the population will grow to about 60,000 which will mean we will need people for auxiliary jobs - everything from street cleaners to hospital workers," Clayton said.

Last year alone 53,200 New Zealanders moved to the Lucky Country.

The majority of jobs that were available at the expo were for engineers, of all disciplines, with two years or more experience.

Early childcare teachers as well as medical personnel, including doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and anaesthetists were also sought.

Nurses can expect to earn between $90,000 and $96,000 while a GP role could be worth more than half a million dollars a year.

Clayton said it is too early to tell how many expo goers have been successfully recruited but the fact exhibitors come here twice a year is evidence of their success.
"It's been a huge success and we hope there will be a lot of happy people at the end," he said. "We'll keep coming here until New Zealanders are no longer interested in coming to Australia."

The expo runs in May and November and each year more jobs are offered.

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