Cannabis plants filled woman's house

An Auckland woman with a "significant" cannabis growing operation in her home has been jailed for more than two years.

Police attended a domestic incident at the Hillsborough home of Rebecca Bernice Haddon on September 14 last year.

At the house they discovered a cannabis growing room, lined with black plastic and serviced by fans, air filters and fertilising and watering systems.

There were 36 plants growing, from 30cm to 1.5m tall, along with 828g of cannabis on a drying rack and a second growing room in the basement.

The second room contained a further 303 plants varying in maturity from seedlings to fully grown plants.

A further 2.1kg of cannabis was found in a freezer.

Haddon, 38, said a lot of the cannabis was for personal use, including the cannabis in the freezer which she used for baking into cakes.

A suggestion that the amount of drugs taken into account should be lessened as the cannabis in the basement had mould on it was rejected by Justice Warwick Gendall.

Haddon pleaded guilty to charges of cultivation, possession for sale and possession of utensils for smoking cannabis.

Justice Gendall sentenced her to two years and three months in prison.

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