Tapu-lifting ceremony remembers accident victims

01:35, May 23 2012
MEMORIAL: Family and friends attend the early morning service at Chelsea Sugar Factory on Auckland's North Shore.

A tapu-lifting ceremony was held at the Chelsea Sugar Factory on the North Shore this morning to cleanse the area after the deaths of two men in separate tragic accidents last month.

The ritual Maori dawn ceremony was initiated by Takapuna police who invited family members of the two men to attend.

Peter Eising, the father of 18-year-old James Robert Eising, who died in a freak longboarding accident on April 17, was among about 20 people who attended.

Police officers and Auckland council board members also attended.

James Eising died after failing to round a corner and hitting his head while competing in the Sugar Factory Outlaw competition in Birkenhead.

"I think it helps with the healing process," Eising said of the ceremony.

He said the family was also hoping to plant a tree at the spot where James died.

Peter Lewis, 59, drowned in a pond in the grounds of the sugar factory on April 11 after he entered the water to rescue his dog, which was being attacked by swans.

He was pulled from the water by two bystanders but he could not be resuscitated.


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