Foreign student indecently assaulted and detained

A foreign student who had just arrived in Auckland was indecently assaulted and detained in a car after being offered a ride by a stranger.

The Chinese female was approached by a man near the intersection of Miranda St, Blockhouse Bay, after getting off a bus at the intersection of Blockhouse Bay Rd and Margate Rd at 5.30pm Tuesday.

The woman was lost and accepted a lift from the man who drove her away from her intended destination to Connaught St, opposite Craig Avon Park in Green Bay, where he indecently assaulted her and attempted to detain her in his car.

The student managed to escape and the man drove off.

The man is described as a Caucasian in his 20's with short dark brown wavy hair and an unshaven appearance.

The vehicle he was driving was a white four door with a loud engine.

The car's registration is believed to have ended with numerals similar to '981'.

Police said it is not known if the woman's attacker was from Blockhouse Bay or was passing through.

Waitakere police want anyone with information about the incident or the attacker to contact them.

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