Wet weekend but drier winter ahead

19:42, May 30 2012

Aucklanders can expect a drier winter than usual, but not before they put a dampener on the long weekend.

Although there will be clear skies on Friday with a high of 15C, according to the Metservice, come Sunday rain will set in and stay for the rest of the week.

"Sunday will be bringing in some cloud and it could introduce some rain later in the day so we'll be ending on a wet note," said spokesman Daniel Corbott.

"It's not going to rain all the time, but there will be showers at times."

Monday will see showers, with a high of 15C and low of 7C.

For the rest of the week, temperatures will hit highs of 17C and will fall to lows of 8C.

"So keep some extra layers handy for the frosty mornings," Corbett said.

Niwa scientist Georgina Griffiths said rainfall in the region is expected to be normal or below normal from June to August.

Average rainfall for the three-month period is likely to be between 300ml and 400ml for Auckland, however, the Waitakere Ranges are generally wetter and can expect rainfall of between 350ml and 500ml.

Temperatures will also be on par with previous years, averaging between 10.8C and 11.2C with frosty mornings.

"We're seeing a dry flow for Auckland and unsettled weather at the start of June with more systems moving through," Griffiths said.

"Overall, it's going to be a bog standard winter for the whole of New Zealand. It has been a really settled time in Auckland but there will big change with winter patterns from the south moving up."


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