A tall romantic gesture

BALL BOUND: Drue Matich and Dani Payne.
BALL BOUND: Drue Matich and Dani Payne.

An Orewa student took a very bold and public approach to asking his sweetheart to his school ball by hanging a giant hand painted sign from a tree.

Drue Matich wanted to be original in the way he asked Dani Payne to the school social event of the year this Saturday and made the public gesture in front of an audience of 200 people.

"At first I decided to sew heaps of sheets together and paint my request on to them," the year 13 student said.

"Then I found a massive tarpaulin at home, which was perfect. I started off by painting a big red heart on the tarpaulin which took around three hours, then painted inside the heart which took another two hours."

The sign said "Dani Payne, will you come to the ball with me".

"I talked to the caretakers at school about where I could hang it for a few days leading up to it," he said.

"We found a tree about seven metres high, which was perfect to hang the sign as it was right in the middle of the school."

The sign attracted about 200 people who waited for Payne to arrive.

"Once she came, she saw the big heart in the tree and students started cheering. I walked out from behind everyone to meet her. She had tears in her eyes."

Matich said  the effort was worth it because Dani has accepted his invite.

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