Accused to undergo mental health test

19:40, Jun 06 2012
GRISLY DISCOVERY: The remains were found in the garage of the above house on Barrack Rd, Mt Wellington.

A young man charged with interfering with human remains will undergo a mental health assessment before his next court appearance.

The 24-year-old was arrested by police last night and charged in relation to a previously unidentified skeleton found in an Auckland garage in September last year.

A judge granted him interim name suppression at the Auckland District Court today.

The headless skeleton was found at a property in Barack Rd, Mt Wellington, by contractors on September 30 and until recently police said they did not know who the deceased was.

Police today said they believe they know who the remains belong to and are notifying the dead man's family about the arrest.

The man, who was not reported missing, is believed to have died in 2010.

Detective Sergeant Graham Shand said the bones were "certainly introduced" to the garage after the family who lived in the home for 20 years moved out.

The home had been empty for about a year and was in a state of disrepair.

Shand said in December that his team were going through 43 missing person files to find out who the deceased man was.

"We have a DNA profile for the body and are looking at the DNA of those people in the missing persons database," he said.

"An anthropologist has been introduced to determine the age and other distinguishing characteristics of the bones and to identify of characteristics, like medical conditions." 

The accused was remanded in custody until June 20.


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