Bracelet provides clue for police

A bracelet left at the scene of an attempted burglary this morning could lead police to the culprit behind a number of alleged burglaries.

Senior Sergeant Hirone Waretini said the bracelet was the same brand stocked at a Newmarket store burgled two nights ago.

An attempted burglary at a Remuera jewellery store at 4 am this morning - where the offender tried to force the door open, activated the alarm and then fled - may also be linked.

Wareteni said the bracelet was left at the scene of an attempted break in at Rennells Jewellers and Engravers in Ellerslie at 3.30 am this morning.

Security camera footage shows a man parking a silver sedan outside the store and walking over to the shop before going back to the car and returning with a crowbar.

He made several attempts to jimmy the front door before reversing his car into it when the former action failed. He then left.

Waretini said the Calvin Klein bracelet left at the scene is the focus of their inquiries.

"The jeweller didn't stock it but it was the same brand as a store in Newmarket that was burgled two nights ago."

A Calvin Klein store on Teed St in Newmarket was burgled at 12.30am on Tuesday with four leather handbags, jackets and eight pieces of custom jewellery stolen.

A man was seen running to a white hatchback nearby with the products in his arms. Police later found the car in Parnell.

Wareteni said a large number of pieces of jewellery were stolen from the same Calvin Klein store during another burglary on April 30.

Please contact Sergeant Matt Knowsley or Constable Richard Platt on 526-7300 if you have any information.

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