Alleged gunman charged

20:48, Jun 12 2012
Nadia Ball
CHARGED: Nadia Ball.

The man who allegedly shot at an officer in downtown Auckland last week, leaving him with bullet grazes, has been charged with attempted murder.

Murray Toleafoa was arrested by the Armed Offenders Squad in a central city supermarket car park at lunchtime today.

Earlier Detective Inspector Scott Beard said: "I'm relieved that we have found the man who we allege shot at one of our officers early on Friday morning and we're now speaking with him. He was not armed at the time of his arrest."

Beard said two associates who were with Toleafoa at the time were also being spoken to.

A Twitter user, @sptweets, said he saw Toleafoa arrested by plainclothes police after he parked in the Countdown Supermarket on Quay St.

"There was another guy in cuffs on the other side of the car. Car had a flat [front right] tyre. [They were] penned in by black unmarked SUV."

Beard said six officers were involved in making the arrest, which came after police tailed the car Toleafoa was in, waiting for enough members of the Armed Offenders Squad to be deployed for an arrest to be made.

He said the police had been tipped off that Toleafoa was in the car.

The arrest follows a major manhunt which has been underway since Toleafoa allegedly shot at the officer on Mayoral Dr during a vehicle stop.

The officer managed to get out of the way but suffered burns to his forearm.

Toleafoa then allegedly fled the scene following the incident.

Police repeatedly called for Toleafoa to hand himself in and carried out a number of raids around Auckland in the search for him.

The driver of the car, Nadia Ball, was arrested earlier this week and appeared in court charged with being party to unlawful possession of a pistol

She will defend the charges.

Police are still looking for the firearm Toleafoa allegedly used to shoot the officer and are asking for members of the public who know where it is to contact them.


Scott Beard
SHOOTING: Detective Inspector Scott Beard points out the bullet hole after a gunman shot at a policeman.
Murray Toleafoa
ARRESTED: Police have arrested Murray Toleafoa after an officer was shot at in central Auckland.

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