Great Barrier kidnapper jailed

02:37, Jun 13 2012
Nathan Boulter
NATHAN BOULTER: Jailed for assaulting and kidnapping his former girlfriend Nortessa Montgomerie and attacking her new boyfriend.

A woman who was kidnapped by her former lover and held captive for 38 hours has told the court of unrelenting nightmares and her fear of men following the vicious attack in January last year.

Nathan Boulter, 23, appeared in the High Court at Auckland today where he was sentenced to eight and a half years in jail.

He had pleaded guilty in April to nine charges of assaulting and kidnapping his former girlfriend Nortessa Montgomerie and attacking her new boyfriend.

Nortessa Montgomerie
NORTESSA MONTGOMERIE: Makes her way out of the bush on Great Barrier Island after a 38-hour kidnap ordeal.

Boulter was arrested on Great Barrier Island after kidnapping Montgomerie and holding her captive in the bush.

In her victim impact statement to the court Montgomerie, 21, said she suffered a brain haemorrage, a chipped skull and ribs and severe bruising over her body at the hands of her former boyfriend.

Her father called the prison sentence a ''f****n joke".


Boulter and the victim were in a relationship for six months in 2010.

After the pair split up, the woman returned to her home on Great Barrier Island later that year.

In December, Boulter travelled from his home in Riverton, Southland, to Auckland, intending to find and contact his ex.

He sent her abusive Facebook messages, including one telling her he was going to kill himself, which she complained to the police about.

Boulter booked a one-way ticket to Great Barrier Island in January 2011, using the fake name Travis Tetoski to avoid police detection.

Police say Boulter didn't know anyone else on Great Barrier Island and didn't make any arrangements to leave.

He went to his former girlfriend's house on the east side of the island and sometime after 8.30pm entered through an open side door.

Boulter went upstairs to the victim's bedroom, hid under the bed and waited for her and her new boyfriend to go to bed.

When the pair lay down, he struck the boyfriend on the back of his head with a hard object.

The woman screamed for Boulter to stop, but he struck her in the head as well before beating her boyfriend unconscious.

She then ran screaming from the bedroom into the hallway, where she tried to call for help.

Boulter knocked his ex unconscious, punching her in the back and kneeing her in the head.

He then picked her up and dragged her across farmland and into the bush.

Boulter kept his former girlfriend - wearing just her singlet top and pyjama pants, and no shoes - captive for over 38 hours.

During that time he threatened and subjected her to physical abuse.

The pair were eventually found by searchers while they were walking along a pig-hunting track.

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