Kids' chorus raises quake awareness

05:23, Jun 28 2012

A chorus of around 400 children chanted "Drop! Cover! Hold!" at Mount Roskill Primary School today.

In the build up to a new Civil Defence ad-campaign, the school was showing just what they had learnt.

The TV and online campaign features children from Mt Roskill and Mount Eden Primary talking about what to do when an earthquake happens.

"Following the Canterbury and Christchurch earthquakes there was confusion around the right actions to take and images of people running outside as well as reports, incorrectly, suggesting you should not take cover under the table," a Civil Defence spokesman said.

He said the campaign aims to reinforce the message that people should drop, cover and hold during an earthquake.

Seven year old Eden from Mt Roskill Primary called the move the "turtle".

"I was nervous because I haven't been on TV much before."

She said acting in the advertisement had made her think there might be a big earthquake in Auckland, but she now feels prepared.

Ellie, six, from Mt Eden Primary said she wasn't scared of an earthquake happening in Auckland.

She said her favourite part was "when we had to go outside and play hop-scotch".

An outdoors demonstration was led by actor, Peter Elliot, who fronts the Civil Defence "Get Ready" campaign.

He said the children were a "terrific talent" which will help the safety message sink in.

 "As a campaign, because it's so's difficult to launch an advert. It's gentle but real, not going to upset or frighten anyone.

"They [kids] were all ready to rock and roll. They're very funny, fresh and so sincere."

He said using children in the advertisement meant the message could be understood by people of all age groups.

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