AUT re-opens world class institute

02:12, Jun 29 2012

The world class AUT Millenium Institute will re-open its doors today - after a $29 million, two year upgrade - with a sprinkling of Olympic style.

The opening will be attended by New Zealand Olympic athletes including swimmers Glenn Snyders and Lauren Boyle.
The upgrade includes an expansion which has doubled the previous floor size and will see the institute attract about 800,000 people through its doors every year.

The three stage extension of the facility began in 2011.

Stage one included the opening of a community gym and a specialised high-performance gym.

Stage two and three saw the extension of conference facilities, new office areas and the completion of a second Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The government contributed $15m to the facility's upgrades. Other contributors included the AUT Millennium Ownership Trust, ASB Community Trust and donors Sir David Levene and Owen Glenn.

The Millennium institute was opened in 2002 with the aim of providing New Zealand athletes in training with the best facilities available.

In 2008, AUT University invested $18m in the Millennium Institute of Sport & Health to form a 50/50 partnership called AUT Millennium Ownership Trust.


The institute's website says the partnership has enabled Millennium to cater to the academic and research needs of high performance sport, improve the delivery of programmes and services and enhance research and education.

Community fitness has also been a focus for the institute with emphasis on everyday people who want to get fit.

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