Michael Laws shooting complaint upheld

19:37, Jul 09 2012
Michael Laws
SHOCK JOCK: A BSA complaint over Michael Laws' comments that rabid journalists should be shot, has been upheld.

A complaint has been upheld against broadcaster Michael Laws for saying he would shoot journalists who had reported on the "teapot tapes" story during last year's election.

According to the Braodcasting Standards Authority's decision the Radio Live host was discussing the "teapot tapes" story when he commented that "it was one of the great issues of the election campaign but you won't have to hear it because the media have gone mad, rabid.
"If I had a gun I'd shoot them, put them out of their misery, because they have gone rabid and they may infect others," Laws said on his radio show.

The BSA said Laws then specifically mentioned the Herald on Sunday and questioned why someone hadn't taken a shotgun and "cleaned out the entire news room".
He then said that rabid journalists should be shot straight away or that poison should be laid in their newsroom, the BSA said.

Three of the four authority members found that the comments did breach standards of good taste and decency. A complaint of a breach of the standard relating to law and order was not upheld by all four members of the Authority.

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