Balmoral murder accused 'very ill'

19:57, Jul 12 2012

Geoffrey Tampin has been named as the man charged with murdering his Balmoral flatmate Dean Clark last month.

Clark was found dead in his Balmoral flat on June 27, five days after offering Tampin a place to live.

Judge Nevin Dawson did not continue suppression when Tampin, 38, appeared in the Auckland District Court today, but ordered media not to take photos.

Tampin stood quietly in the dock with his hands behind his back. He was dressed in a lime green shirt and tan jacket with his light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail.

His lawyer said a psychiatric report had diagnosed him as a paranoid schizophrenic "in the midst of a psychotic relapse". 

"He's very vulnerable, he's quite ill. He's very much up and down. Today he's calmer and better but he's actually very unwell."


A neighbour of Clark said she had seen the accused acting strangely and talking to himself in the days before the death.

The woman said Clark had lived in the flat for about two years. She described Clark as "gentle-natured and really friendly".

Tampin has been staying at the Mason Clinic, a forensic and psychiatric facility in Auckland. His psychiatrist asked that he be further remanded there for six to eight weeks so he can continue treatment and assessments on whether he's fit to plead and stand trial. 

He was remanded to the Mason Clinic to reappear on September 6. 

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