Dotcom extradition judge steps down

09:27, Jul 18 2012
Kim Dotcom
JUDGE QUITS: Another twist in the Megaupload founder's extradition case.

A judge in the extradition case of internet tycoon Kim Dotcom has stepped down after a reference to the United States as "the enemy" brought into question his impartiality.

Judge David Harvey referred to the United States as "the enemy" during an internet conference recently.

The Chief District Court Judge said in a statement that Judge Harvey offered to step down.
"He recognises that remarks made in the context of a paper he delivered on copyright law at a recent internet conference could reflect on his impartiality and that the appropriate response is for him to step down from the case

Judge Harvey specialises in internet law and has written a book on the subject.

He made the inappropriate comment during a NetHui discussion on copyright and trade talks with the United States..

Judge Harvey said during the conference: "if I could use Russell [Brown's] tweet from earlier on: we have met the enemy and he is [the] US".


Dotcom's extradition hearing is due to be held in March, more than a year after his arrest on copyright charges laid by the United States Government.

The case would now be heard by Judge Nevin Dawson.

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