Auckland park becomes a sex hot spot

20:36, Jul 23 2012

The toilets at Westmere's Cox's Bay Park have become a sexual meeting place for men and police say anyone caught acting inappropriately there will be trespassed and prosecuted.

Police are patrolling the Westmere toilets after receiving complaints about lewd behaviour from men there both day and night.

A police spokeswoman said Auckland Council had given police permission to trespass anyone from the area ''who is deemed to be acting inappropriately''.

The council had put up warning notices in the park advising it is under surveillance.

Earlier this year similar problems were reported at Gribblehirst Park, near Westfield St Lukes, and a run down toilet block in Northcote Pt.

In February Auckland Council said they would trim trees and re-route a walkway in an effort to deter sexual activity at the park following several complaints over the Christmas period about men meeting up for sex there.

At the time historian and parks advocate Edward Bennett said that type of activity was always a problem and happened regularly at Auckland Domain and Western Springs.

Also in February Northcote resident Steve Lindsay complained about ''unsavoury behaviour'' at public toilets on Bartley St which he claimed was getting worse.

The council vowed to remove trees around the toilet block to improve and enhance the area and more lighting and gates would be added.


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