Online scammer's sentence delayed

A woman who pleaded guilty to online auction fraud has had her sentencing delayed for two months so she can raise the more than $48,000 in reparation costs.

Elmira Rafiee had been charged with 55 charges of obtaining by deception, and one charge of using a computer for a dishonest purpose.

The 25-year-old scammed users of auction websites Trade Me and Sella by offering to sell them iPhones and iPads at too-good-to-be-true prices and never sending the goods.

Rafiee was granted bail in October 2011 after she was initially charged in August, but has breached bail conditions three times.

She was given a 24/7 curfew, meaning she must stay at her parents' house all day, every day and non-family members are not allowed to visit unless her parents are present.

Rafiee's fraud totalled about $46,000, including $1100 which one complainant paid for an iPad she never received.

She is required to pay $48,332.64 in reparations and costs.

Defence counsel Mark Ryan said Rafiee was making progress in raising the money.

''She's been having difficulties with the fact that she is detained,'' he said.

Rafiee will be sentenced on September 21.

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