Thailand crash victim flown to Auckland

02:28, Jul 28 2012
Sean Kenzie
THAI NIGHTMARE: Napier man Sean Kenzie was knocked off a scooter in Phuket and his medical insurers are refusing to pay out.

A New Zealander who suffered horror injuries in a motorbike crash in Thailand, and has since been locked in a battle with his insurance company, has flown back into the country.

Sean Kenzie, 27, suffered two punctured lungs - both of which collapsed - a ruptured kidney, a smashed knee and a broken jaw after his scooter collided with a taxi in Thailand in early July.

Officials at Bangkok Hospital refused treatment on the majority of his injuries after his insurance company, Cover-More, said it did not provide cover for injuries suffered in scooter crashes.

He was eventually kicked out of Bangkok Hospital - a private medical centre - and transferred to run-down public hospital.

Kenzie landed at Auckland International Airport this morning after an anonymous donor paid a medivac bill for his return home.

Talking to Fairfax Media shortly after his return, Kenzie's mother, Nadine Mouritsen, said she had breathed a huge sigh of relief when his plane touched down.


''We are very relieved,'' she said.

''I just gave him a big hug ... I don't even know what I said. He heard my voice and was pretty pleased to see him.''
Kenzie required the assistance of a wheelchair to board his flight home from Bangkok to Auckland.

On his return to New Zealand, ambulance staff placed him on a bed and took him straight to an awaiting ambulance bound for Auckland City Hospital.

Mouritsen said a series of X-rays and tests would be carried out this afternoon on her badly injured son.

Prior to flying home, Mouritsen spoke to the Phuket News, telling them of his ordeal at Bangkok Hospital.

''I should have been out of hospital a week ago,'' he said.

''This tube was supposed to come out, but ... my lung collapsed again.

''They brought me back down to the surgery room and gave me drugs and put the tube back in. I woke up in the afternoon and they kicked me out.

''I didn't know what was going on. I had no idea, no club. All I knew was that they were kicking me out. Then they brought me here [to an open patient ward at Vachira Phuket Hospital].''

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