Train pulls song from anti-gay website

02:17, Aug 02 2012
'UPSETTING': US band Train say marriage is the right of all consenting adults, regardless of sexual orientation.

United States soft-rock band Train are "upset" after their song Marry Me was used in a New Zealand anti-gay marriage website.

Family First website featured the music video for Marry Me which a Kiwi fan alerted them to via Twitter.

"It was upsetting to us that Marry Me, a love song with no boundaries, was being used to promote an agenda we don't subscribe to", Train said in a statement.

"We [Train] take the idea of marriage very seriously, and believe it is the right of all consenting adults, regardless of sexual orientation.

"Marry Me is about just that, finding that special love and making it last forever. Everyone should be allowed to have that."

It is not the first setback to Family First's anti-gay marriage campaign. It website had to be taken down  after an "unprecedented attack" took out the its  host servers following its Monday launch.


Family First Director Bob McCroskrie today said he had no problem removing the video which had now been replaced with an Australian anti-gay marriage video.

"It was able to be embedded from YouTube, and Sony admitted that it was free for use, but because of the controversy around the issue, they felt that on such a public website as ours, they would prefer it not to be there.  And we completely respect their wishes."

McCroskrie said the website was dedicated to opposing Labour MP Louisa Wall's Marriage Equality Bill, which was pulled from the ballot last week and had sparked heated debate.

While the site was reinstated a couple of times on Monday, its Christchurch-based webhost had to eventually pull it  because hackers had overwhelmed their servers so much it affected every other website they hosted.

Family First's own website was also hosted by the company and had to be pulled, but both sites were now back up and running on international servers.

"It is disappointing that some opponents in the marriage debate are unwilling to have robust debate and are resorting to desperate - but failed - attempts to shut us down," McCroskrie said.

"We are also disappointed that our web host company was targeted with offensive emails simply because they were a Christchurch business that we wanted to support and who were willing to host some of our websites."

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