Bid to reduce burglaries and drunken crime

19:41, Aug 02 2012

The number of house burglaries in Auckland looks set to be the lowest in at least four years, but property crime is still the biggest fear for many residents, a police report to Auckland Council shows.

The council and police are looking to work together on a project to encourage homeowners to forensically mark their property, and collect serial numbers, to make it harder for thieves to dispose of stolen property.

Assistant Commissioner Allan Boreham outlined the policing priorities for the city earlier this week, which included reducing burglaries and alcohol-related crime, to the council's Community Safety Forum.

Boreham said June was the lowest month on record for property crime, something he attributed to, in part, a joint push by police and other agencies to reduce the volume crime in the past year.

Police have been working with second-hand traders, scrap metal merchants and online traders to identify places where stolen property is disposed of.

Boreham said there continues to be a problem with alcohol related crime in the city.

"In the last 12 months we have removed and taken into detoxification more than 6000 drunk people from Auckland streets and arrested more than 4600 people for breaching liquor bans - nearly twice the number we dealt with four years ago."

He said disorder and public place assaults were at the lowest level they have been for four years but still more than 8000 and 3500 were reported respectively. 

There has also been a steady decline in recorded criminal offending and the demand for emergency response across Auckland since July 2009.

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