Pro takes time out for diabetes kids

04:21, Aug 04 2012
Sean Busby
CHECKING LEVELS: Snowboarder Sean Busby checks inuslin levels with kids at Snowplanet.

A couple of dozen kids with type 1 diabetes learned all about balance this weekend.

The 7 to 17-year-olds hit the slopes at Silverdale's Snow Planet with US professional snowboarder and adventurer Sean Busby who was diagnosed with the disease while training for the 2010 Winter Olympics, aged 19.

Eight years later his programme - Riding on Insulin - has stretched to five countries, where he runs camps to teach children they can have fun and be active while looking after their blood sugar levels.

Carrick Bennett, 12, attended the camp last year and has been hooked on the sport ever since.

None of his school mates had type 1 diabetes and he said it was ''warming'' to be around other kids who faced the same daily battle as him.

Carrick's mother Alison said it was a shock when her son was diagnosed seven years ago but he had become increasingly responsible in dealing with his medication.


The camp led by  ''a tremendous role model'' had only helped that, she said.

Eight-year-old Emma Twentyman had spent the morning going ''very very fast'' with the rest of the beginners and she said testing her blood sugar and operating her insulin pump were a breeze.

Yesterday's snowboarding lesson gave her much bigger things to worry about.

''Learning to stop is the hardest,'' she said.

Busby will take the Riding on Insulin tour to Australia next and has recently been given a grant to head over to London too

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