Fat and fit better than thin, lazy

23:45, Aug 08 2012

The American professor who sparked controversy when he said it was better to be fat and fit than thin and lazy is giving a lecture in Auckland.

Professor Stephen Blair will speak about the benefits of exercise as medicine at the University of Auckland tonight.

Blair's studies revealed slim people who were unfit were twice as likely to die in the next decade than an overweight person who exercised regularly.

His controversial findings provoked a backlash from some health researchers who said being overweight was a risk for chronic illness.

However, Blair maintains that prolonging your life is down to your fitness, not your waistline.

His Auckland lecture will discuss how inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death in the world and deserves greater attention.

Blair wants physical activity counselling to be included in medical practice.

He specialises in exercise science and epidemiology at the University of South Carolina, with emphasis on exercise, physical fitness, and chronic disease. 

Exercise is Medicine: What is the Evidence Supporting this Initiative?

WHEN: Thursday, August 9, 7pm to 8pm

WHERE: Fisher and Paykel Appliances Auditorium, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Rd.

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