Cocaine dealers will be jailed

An Auckland man and woman will be jailed after pleading guilty to possessing cocaine for supply.

Samantha Gemmell, 26, and Adrian Kemp, 30, pleaded guilty in the High Court at Auckland on Friday.

They were arrested after customs officials found 3.7 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a suitcase allegedly belonging to a Mexican national, who had flown to Auckland from Santiago, Chile, on December 13, 2011.

Suppression orders do not allow detailing of the case against them.

The public gallery was packed as Kemp and Gemmell, the daughter of an Auckland businessman, announced their pleas.

Gemmell applied for bail despite Justice John Priestley saying jail was inevitable.

Her lawyer Steve Bonnar said she was in a fragile psychological state and she required counselling to ready her for incarceration.

Justice Priestley said he accepted the argument which was "not surprising given her background and the hugely unfortunate circumstances she finds herself in".

Kemp also applied for bail saying he needed to assist in preparing documents for his sentencing.

Justice Priestley granted them bail until sentencing on September 25.

He did not order reports on the suitability of home detention saying it would be a waste of taxpayer resources.

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