'Cat lady' convicted for bad behaviour

22:20, Aug 31 2012
Kim Thompson
CONVICTED: Kim Thompson.

An Auckland "cat lady" who kept neighbours awake by screaming at strays has been convicted for bad behaviour.

Kim Thompson was charged after her noisy nightly "rounds" feeding stray cats pushed fellow Grey Lynn residents to call police.

Witnesses stated Thompson was so "raucous" when calling the cats that she could even be heard over a television at full volume. One neighbour reported a flatmate having to leave the home to sleep elsewhere because the screaming, on occasions, had lasted to midnight or beyond.

"The noise was described as loud and annoying," the court judgment read. "She screamed outside the house several times a week."

The charges arose after neighbours complained in 2009. When officers arrived, they said they could hear the Thompson's yells through the open window of a patrol vehicle 100 metres away from where she was standing. 

Thompson, who faced down a similar conviction for continually shouting "here puss, puss" at the cats in 2008, was charged with disorderly behaviour. She appealed the charge, saying there was lots of traffic noise on the road anyway.Thompson also said that after 11 pm she would whisper quietly to call the cats. 

The judgment said no other witnesses agreed with her, and noted some other observations about her behaviour such as: "She was clearly concerned that her ability to support stray cats might be impeded by people 'hassling'the cats."

Thompson also swore at witnesses and when asked to desist, claimed people were trying to spray her with toxic chemicals.

A judge this week decided an appeal on the 2009 conviction would be dismissed. Thompson was fined $500 on each charge and ordered to pay court costs.


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