Heavy rain floods Auckland streets

02:05, Sep 03 2012
Flooding September 3
Water covers the street in Portland Rd, Remuera.
Flooding September 3
The church on the corner of Shakespeare Rd and Kitchener Rd in Milford, North Shore.
Flooding September 3
Water laps at the pavement in Lake Rd, Takapuna.
Flooding September 3
The intersection of Beach Rd and Castor Bay Rd on Auckland's North Shore is under water.

An Auckland woman who couldn't leave her flooded property amid heavy rain today says she has repeatedly warned the council about the "danger zone".

Rubbish bins floated past Robyn Waterfall's home in Portland Rd, Remuera, and the single mum says she has lobbied Auckland Council for several years but was told water gates couldn't deal with sudden downpours or king tides.  

Fire crews in Auckland were inundated with calls from home owners battling flooding this morning, mostly from the North Shore.

Flood,ing, Milford, North Shore
DRENCHED: Corner of Shakespeare Rd and Kitchener Rd in the suburb of Milford, North Shore.

A spokesman said they had received 30 to 40 calls from property owners in Browns Bay, Takapuna and Devonport, mainly about overflowing drains.

Waterfall says her street becomes dangerous as cars U-turn and speed to get through the water quickly.

"There are many children in this area and when it rains like this it is extremely hazardous especially as Victoria Ave Primary is above my driveway and children use our driveway as a shortcut to reach Portland Rd," she said.


"Once again I was unable to leave my property to go to an important appointment.

"Does one really have to live in these conditions in a country like New Zealand and have the council fob you off with an attitude of it can't be fixed?"

Waterfall, a single parent living in Remuera simply to give her child "the best education", said she was sick of the stereotype that the suburb was "highly affluent" and the people there didn't need help because they were "rolling in cash".

"To have this happen every time it rains heavily is not something we have to put up with and take it as part and parcel that Portland Rd is known to flood.

"This two-bedroom flat is all my family could afford to help make a better life for my daughter and I and it is disappointing to invest in such a huge sum of money where your road is repeatedly flooded."

Fire crews have also dealt with flooding at a house in McKinley Rd, Warkworth, and were helping pump water from the Rodney Surgical Centre on Morrison Dr.

The spokeswoman said the basement of the surgical centre flooded about 9.20am.

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