Emergency landing at Auckland airport

23:56, Sep 04 2012

A Boeing 767 jet has landed safely after a full emergency callout at Auckland International Airport this morning.

Fire communications manager Jaron Phillips said the aircraft had an undercarriage gear warning indication so declared an emergency.

It was understood the flight was an Air New Zealand service from Honolulu.

Both airport crash fire units and Mangere fire engines turned out and the plane landed safely just after 6.30am.

Alastair Baker and his wife were aboard the plane and said it "wasn't as dramatic as it sounds".

"That said it was a relief to touch down safely on all three wheels," he said. "Everyone remained calm and the captain and crew kept us informed and remained very optimistic that the problem wasn't as serious as first thought.

"My wife's only concern was that if things had gone wrong her shopping would be lost."