Drugs seized in city apartment raid

A stash of methamphetamine, electronic equipment and jewellery was uncovered in a raid on an inner-city apartment yesterday.

A 52-year-old man and 49-year-old woman were arrested after police found the class A drug along with other illicit substances and thousands of dollars worth of laptops, mobile phones, iPods, video recording equipment, jewellery and personal belongings.

Detective Sergeant Phil Cox said it was possible the couple would face charges over the recovered property as inquiries continued to determine where it came from.

Cox said it was likely others were involved in the pair's alleged criminal operation which was based in Nelson St.

"The hard work starts now with the job of confirming who the owners of property seized are by going through receipts as well as lost and stolen property records," he said

"Once we have a comprehensive list of all the items found at the address we will endeavour to identify who the legitimate owners of it are, but that could be some way off and easier said than done."

The couple are due to appear in the Auckland District Court today on drugs charges.  

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