Cow attack victim recovers in Rarotonga

19:55, Sep 17 2012
Onetangi Sports Park
COW EMERGENCY: Onetangi Sports Park, where Malcolm Philcox was airlifted by the Westpac Rescue helicopter from, after being attacked by two cows.

A Waiheke Island farmer is recuperating on a Pacific island after being attacked by two cows.

Malcolm Philcox was trying to separate the cows from their calves on Orapiu Rd last week with the help of his police constable mate Clint Vallender when he was set upon.

When the cows got agitated by two farm dogs Philcox got caught in the middle and was bowled over.

His wife Sue Philcox was not there at the time but says her husband was "knocked out and covered in mud".

"Clint got the cow off Malcolm and called the ambulance."

The ambulance took Philcox to Onetangi Sports Park where he was collected by the Westpac rescue helicopter.

Auckland rescue helicopter spokesman Ati Wynyard said Philcox had a ''lower level of consciousness'' but didn't pass out from the attack.

''He wasn't in a very good way.''

He was treated overnight for concussion and was released the next day.

Initially, reports of the incident suggested Philcox had been bitten by the cows. 

Philcox and his wife left for a pre-planned holiday to Rarotonga on Sunday.

"Malcolm is now recovering well and has no nightmares of the incident but still hasn't got his full memory back. He can't remember offering me $5000 spending money for our holiday!" Sue Philcox said.

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