Council houses set for $1.8m revamp

00:26, Sep 26 2012
Penny Hulse
SPEAKING OUT: Auckland Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse said the houses should be made sustainable.

Unlivable council houses sprinkled throughout Auckland are set for refurbishment, and councillors say they should be bought up to scratch with sustainability features.
Twenty-eight houses have been identified in Auckland as needing a revamp to become habitable, and 20 of them will be back in shape within the financial year.
The planned renovations were not intended to be "an exemplar of sustainability", with an aim to reach contemporary standards and gain compliance for living standards.
But Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse said "enough is enough" if the houses were being renovated they should be built to be sustainable.

Hulse said she would prefer not to waste the time of in-house sustainability consultants to research ways to make the houses more sustainable.
"We've got best practice coming out our ears.
"We have report after report on what there is to be done. We should be looking into low-flow shower heads and things like that."

Auckland Council has $1.8 million in the budget to spend on the project.
Similarly, Councillor Wayne Walker said the houses should be insulated, so heating and water is not wasted.
"Minimal investment can bring significant gains in sustainability," he said.
"We should be looking to get bang for our buck."


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