Iced robot takes the cake

23:33, Oct 08 2012
Cyborg Cake
DISGUSTINGLY DELICIOUS: Ganesh Khedekar and Felicity Craft with the gold award-winning cake.

Ganesh Khedekar's futuristic cake may not look that appetising but the chocolate creation with skin-like icing won its creator gold in this year's New Zealand Culinary Fare.

Khedekar worked away "bit by bit" on the 45kg cyborg cake for 40 hours over three weeks.

The 26-year-old, who works at Browns Bay's Chocolate Earth specialty cake store, won silver last year but topped his result this year by using LED lights and going for the quirky factor.

Felicity Craft
SHINING EXAMPLE: This cake by Felicity Craft won bronze at the New Zealand Culinary Fare.

The cyborg cake was a year in the making in collaboration with his boss Kevin Martin.

It is a "family show", Ganesh says, so the cake could not be "too scary".

The torso is a chocolate shell that can be removed so the cake inside can be eaten and put back together.

Co-worker Felicity Craft, 21, got a bronze for her pure black four-tiered cake with origami birds and a solid egg on top.


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