Speed limit cut at 'deadly' crash zone

The speed limit at a "deadly" Auckland intersection will be cut by 30kmh after at least three people died and 50 were injured in crashes.  

Auckland Transport and police today unveiled 70kmh speed zone signs at the intersection of Glenbrook Rd and Kingseat Rd, which used to be a 100kmh zone.

Residents and local board members raised concerns after at least three deaths and 50 injuries as a result of car crashes at the intersection in the past 10 years.

The speed limit will reduce only when the flashing signs are in operation. The signs would work in the same way as speed reduction signs outside schools.

When a car is travelling along Glenbrook Rd, drivers on Kingseat Rd will be warned to slow down and vice versa.

The new variable speed limit is a first for the Auckland region, and forms part of a national trial that required special approval by the NZ Transport Agency.

A permanent speed limit reduction at the intersection was not possible under existing legislation, an Auckland Transport spokesman said.

A roundabout is also planned at the intersection to further improve safety. The reduced speed limit will become permanent when the roundabout is complete.

Franklin Local Board chairman Andy Baker said he was pleased to see "the beginning of the much-needed changes at this deadly intersection".

"Whilst we wait for the construction of the roundabout, people must now adjust their speed when required and remain extremely alert and vigilant at the intersection no matter which direction they are travelling in.  Drivers need to be aware of the flashing signs signalling when the lowered limit applies and reduce their speed accordingly."

Auckland Transport said land has been bought to build the roundabout and an application has been submitted to NZTA for government funding.

It is hoped work on the roundabout can begin over the summer, and be completed within four months.

Local police will allow a 28-day grace period where they will give warnings to motorists exceeding the new speed limit.

Auckland Transport will distribute postcards to schools, community groups and major employers in the area explaining the new speed zone. 

Stop signs at the intersection have been increased and advanced intersection warning signs have been installed.  

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