Man ticketed $800 while in hospital

23:12, Oct 10 2012
Tom O'Gorman
BIG FINE: Tom O'Gorman's motor home was ticketed when he was in hospital with pulmonary embolisms.

A motor home owner was fined $800 for having no certificate of fitness and registration while in hospital for a week with blood clots in his lungs.

Tom O'Gorman's motor home was in storage but was brought to his Torbay home so he could renew them the next day.

But he was hospitalised that night and stayed for a week to recover from pulmonary embolisms.

O'Gorman arrived back to find two Auckland Transport tickets - $200 for failing to display registration and $600 for no Certificate of Fitness. He wrote to the organisation twice to explain his situation but in return received two Baycorp letters.

After being questioned about O'Gorman's case, Auckland Transport claimed they hadn't been made fully aware of O'Gorman's medical situation and would recosider his case if he sent them the right documentation.

O'Gorman is angry at being made to feel like a criminal for "a low offence".

"If I intentionally broke the law, then yeah ticket me," he said.

He believes he is being punished more than someone who deliberately commits a crime.

"Eight hundred dollars is a lot of money. It's had a massive impact on my family. Money doesn't just fall out of the sky."
He paid the fines but still wants answers. What makes the incident more puzzling, he said, is another motor home that sits less than 50 metres away was also overdue but was not ticketed.

There were also two unregistered boats parked on the road less than 200m from his motor home and the warden would have driven past both, he said.

"This area of the North Shore is one our parking officers patrol on a regular basis," Auckladn transport spokesman Mark Hannan said.

"Eight infringement notices have been issued in the past six months to vehicles parked in this street... so the campervan was not being targeted."


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