Makeover ahead for CBD shops

Auckland's retail areas are set for a makeover, in an effort to lure more shoppers into the CBD.

Heart of the City and Auckland Council have launched a joint initiative to improve the shopping areas in the next five years.

The council's economic development manager, Harvey Brookes, said the council wanted to attract more investment into the city.

"With vacancy rates of only 3.2%, city centre retail is already performing well but we can all do better," Brookes said.

"This action plan aims to builds upon this."

Heart of the City, a city centre business association, said it wants to make Auckland the top shopping spot in the country.

Spokeswoman Tania Loveridge said Heart of the City and the council will work together to achieve the goal.

At this week's Economic Forum councillor Sandra Coney said Queen Street needed a big overhaul, and should take tips from Wellington.

"At the moment, Queen Street is just a place for misbehaving," she said.

"People just go there to get blotto and biff people."

Coney said Wellington has a much better offering than Auckland for cheap dining, and there are more unique boutique stores.


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