Littering could cost you $400

People caught littering more than once in a year will be fined $400 under a new fines system approved by the Auckland Council today.

The council's Regulatory and Bylaws Committee approved the new system which will see a $100 fee for a first offence, and a higher fee of $400 for those caught littering again within a year.

Those who are caught dumping large or hazardous waste will automatically be fined $400.

The new, fines which replace those from the former councils, come into effect from November 1.

"Some of the former councils had a flat $400 fine and others a graduated system, so this move consolidates those into one set of infringements," committee chairman Des Morrison said.

"Council and other providers offer plenty of opportunities to dispose of rubbish properly either through kerbside and regular inorganic collections or refuse transfer stations.

"There is no reason for people to be dumping litter and hazardous material that makes our city look untidy and poses a health risk."

Litter collection and illegal dumping removal costs the council about $6 million a year.

Mayor Len Brown said the fines showed the council was serious about dealing with litter and illegal dumping.

"Some people might argue these fines are too tough but the research shows most people back a tough stance. 

"Forty-eight per cent of people surveyed through the council's People's Panel thought a $400 instant fine for illegal dumping was fair and reasonable, and 40 per cent thought it should be more."

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